Postcard from Bacharach

One of our favorite spots to bring our guests is the high vantage point over the storybook village of Bacharach on the Rhein River of Germany. Here are two of our recent guests, Bob and Mary Tholkes from the Minneapolis area.

Who Really Invented the Telephone?

Bet you said “Alexander Graham Bell,” but you would be only partly correct. In the small provincial town of Gelnhausen, not far from Frankfurt am Main, Germany there is a statue in the market place dedicated to the “Founder of the Telephone,” and his name is not Bell. It is Johann Philipp Reis, and he […]

Tiny Train Town in Bad Driburg

Model train buffs, especially those into the HO size, would go crazy at the “Modelbahnschau” located in a former train station in the town of Bad Driburg, Germany. Back in 2005, about 20 enthusiasts got together and created a couple of villages, a landscape, two castles, numerous roads, crossings and a switching station all at […]

Mirabell Castle Garden

Today’s postcard is from the beautiful city of Salzburg, Austria and the gardens at the country estate of the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg, laid out in 1730. From here, the prince-archibishop could survey his land and his city from what used to be a country estate. Nowadays of course the entire area is surrounded by buildings […]

Shhh! Don't tell anyone about Germany's Smallest Brewery

Claudia (Harsh) Auerbach, Clara Harsh, Becky Thornton, Jenean Derheim and Dave Harsh check out some leftover hops We discovered this hidden gem in the Thuringen Forest late in July. The hamlet of Singen, near Ilmenau (south of Erfurt) is home to the Schmitt Brauerei, the last of its kind in Germany. The little brewery pumps […]

How A Farmer Tracked His Daughter in Waldgirmes

A funny story from our visit today to the Heimatmuseum in Waldgirmes, near Wetzlar, Germany. The museum’s director showed us a shoe made in the late 1800s by a local farmer/shoemaker. He placed the studs in a certain way so that he could track his daughter’s movements around the village. (Which back then had dirt […]

Roman Footprints in Trier

Roman column in Igel, Germany We’re traveling with the Harsh family in Germany this week. We started our adventure in the oldest city in Germany, former Augustus Treverus, founded in 16 BC under the Roman emperor Augustus. The city is a fascinating blend of ancient, not so ancient, medieval and modern. One of the landmarks […]