I love the Italians

Sitting in a bar tonight in Sestri Levante, catching up on e-mail and this blog. My laptop doesn’t catch a good signal back at the hotel. I’m surrounded by the swirl of activity and conversation that is their version of happy hour, which last from around 6 to around 8 or thereabouts. My goodness, I […]

Bloggone Internet Access in Italy

Sorry Blogophiles, but it just is not an easy thing to get access to the world wide web sometimes in Bella Italia. I’ll get caught up on the adventures on this first trip of the 2009 season when I can so please stay tuned!

A Walk Around Rome

The season’s first guests arrived this morning at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci airport after their overnight flight from Newark. Art and Carol like to hit the ground running. As a special service, I had made arrangements with the hotel so that their room was ready immediately on our arrival at 9:30. A couple of hours […]

A typical Roman dinner

The old gentleman at my hotel reserves a table at Il Bucatino in the Trastevere district for me. It’s an easy walk down the hill in the last of the evening’s light. On arrival, I announce myself as “Giacomo da Hotel San Pio,” and find that I have a table with my name on it […]


Arrival in Rome around 1 this afternoon and the blood pressure starts to go up along with the intense traffic. I’m always happy to be driving a van in the rough and tumble world of Roman driving. Seems like those behind the wheel of a Fiat are much less likely to cut in front of […]

The Season Starts – the long road to Rome

Leaving Rothenburg en route to Rome to pick my my clients on a bright, sunny and warm day I completely forgot to take along a jacket or even a sweater. Not too smart for a seasoned traveler. That night, I wished I had one as the temperature dropped with every 100 kilometers I drove south […]