Awesome Opportunity for Travel in 2008

Meersburg, Germany is one of the stops on this fantastic adventure Some of our favorite places are waiting for you to fall in love with them, as we have over the years. While August, 2008 seems like a long way off, the truth is that in 2007 more than half of the trips we’re leading […]

Today at the Hofbrauhaus, Munich

It was the perfect day for a cold one in the famous garden of the Hofbrauhaus in the center of Munich. We lucked out and had a seat near an empty spot in the garden which was filled a few minutes after we arrived by a four piece band. They blared out a few Bavarian […]

Beautiful Berchtesgaden

We’re in one of the most beautiful corners of Germany – the area known as Berchtesgadener Land. We’re spending five nights exploring the region, headquartering at one of the best hotels in our list of favorites, the Zechmeisterlehen in the village of Schoenau am Koenigsee. The other day, the beat the heat, we took our […]

King Ludwig's Dream World

We visited Linderhof Palace yesterday. This was King Ludwig II of Bavaria’s “Hunting Lodge,” although I seriously doubt he did any hunting here. He sounds like a pretty passive guy. Although, one with a very active imagination. Linderhof is one of the three castles that Ludwig had built during his lifetime. It’s the only one […]

Greetings from the Top of Germany

Our most recent tour started in Munich on the 16th of July. We greeted the seven members of the Harsh family back for their 6th trip with us since the summer of 2003. This time, we’re spending two weeks on a leisurely exploration of the areas around Schwangau, Berchtesgaden, Salzburg and Munich. We took them […]

Nothing Makes an American Happier than Ice

When traveling in Europe, Americans know that getting ice cubes in your drink, whether it’s a coke or a gin and tonic is nearly impossible. The Europeans simply don’t “do” ice. I’ve witnessed our tour guests banging their heads against the bar, crying out for ice! ice! ice! This year I decided to do something […]

A Conversation with Rick Steves

James Derheim at left, Rick Steves at right. (Photo by Rick Steves) Rick Steves was in Rothenburg the last couple of nights, updating his popular guide book and basically causing a miniature earthquake everywhere he went among tourists who know his TV show and books. Rick is a Super Celebrity among the traveling masses. His […]

Beaches Galore in Portugal

Although the Atlantic Ocean is not exactly our kind of water (brrrr! We’re used to the balmy conditions of the Gulf of Mexico) the sand quality and the beauty of the rock formations more than make up for the fact that the water is a bit on the chilly side. Here’s the beach at Sao […]