Half a Life Spent in Hotels

A big number just occurred to me while brushing my teeth here in the Hotel Hackteufel in the center of Heidelberg, Germany. Down below, it’s an active night. People out wandering the streets, enjoying the mild evening. I should be out there with them, drinking wine, listening to live music. But, tomorrow is a work […]

Welcome Back to Germany, Marie!

Third time guest Marie arrived at Frankfurt’s Airport this morning, raring to go for her adventure in the Heidelberg and Wittgenstein areas of Germany. We cruised south on Autobahn 5, chatting and catching up all the way. The last time I’d hosted Marie was in the spring of 2006. There was much new territory and […]

Tonight in Rothenburg

Summerlike conditions in Rothenburg. Temperature today was nearly 90 and the evening smells like a heavy rain is coming, sometime. I don’t know, the sky is full of stars. It feels more like August than late May. After doing some work with the Night Watchman on our new film, I joined friends Georg and Martina […]

Varmits! Stay Away from my VW!

The long and scenic drive home from Rome to Rothenburg after my most recent tour had ended was marred by problems with my Volkswagen “Multivan.” I thought my turbo was slowly losing its steam. Who could blame it? I have 156,000 kilometers on my 2005 adventure machine. Still, I was sweating bullets as I crept […]

How to Improve the Leaning Tower of Pisa

No, don’t straighten it! Instead, clear out all of the crap surrounding it on the south side of the Field of Miracles. This nonsense can be sold outside of the gate or better yet, far, far away in a field near the road. The hectoring of the Africans offering a beautiful “Rolex” for (Oh take […]