Prosit from Koeln

In the city of Koeln, you “Prosit” with glasses of beer that look more like fat test tubes than beer glasses. Here’s our latest group of adventurers in the Malzmuehle Gasthaus enjoying Koelsch and about to dig into plates of hearty German hunter’s schnitzels. John Stephens, Caroline Dooling, James Derheim (Guide) and Fran White “Prosit, […]

Germany's Oktoberfest

Roll out the barrel, it’s time to party! Germany’s biggest party, the Oktoberfest, began this weekend in the Bavarian capital of Munich. What a party! And, it’s just getting started. European Focus’ latest guests arrived this morning and within a couple of hours, one of the party was standing on Maximillianstrasse watching the huge and […]

Berchtesgaden – "The World Stops Here"

My current guest said this at breakfast this morning and I thought it was a statement that really sums up how all of our clients feel when they stay a few nights at the Zechmeisterlehen Hotel in beautiful Berchtesgadener Land. The photo shows Elizabeth Koenig from Minneapolis taking in the view from the private balcony […]

Dresden's Frauenkirche Rises from the Ashes

Interior of the Frauenkirche, rededicated in October, 2005 The Frauenkirche is once again part of the magnificent skyline of Germany’s most impressive baroque city. Once known as the “Paris on the Elbe” because of its incredible array of mansions, churches and public buildings, the city was mercilessly bombed by American and English air forces in […]

Day of Discovery in Thuringia

Elizabeth Koenig outside a marvelous farm entrance in her ancestral village of Netra, Hessen, Germany Traveling from September 10 to 20 with my client Elizabeth Koenig from Minneapolis and today we had quite a day, starting with a visit to the Stadtarchiv in Eisenach, where a very helpful archivist helped with a mystery. On to […]

Postcard from the Austrian Alps

The Hastrich Family enjoys their scenic drive from Schwangau, Germany across the Austrian Alps to Berchtesgaden in August. Check out the low clouds. August was the month without a summer in Germany. Except for a few days, it was mostly in the 70s. Cool weather fans, head to Germany in August!