Day of Discovery in Thuringia

Elizabeth Koenig outside a marvelous farm entrance in her
ancestral village of Netra, Hessen, Germany

Traveling from September 10 to 20 with my client Elizabeth Koenig from Minneapolis and today we had quite a day, starting with a visit to the Stadtarchiv in Eisenach, where a very helpful archivist helped with a mystery. On to the hamlet of Stockhausen, a few miles away where we found (we think) the mill where Elizabeth’s ancestor worked in the 1800s. That mill is due to be torn down soon, so we were just in time.

The old grain mill, built around 1790 – 1810 in the
hamlet of Stockhausen

After a late morning snack at the local bakery and butcher shop (gotta love those fresh rolls and fresh meats and cheeses!) we drove on to the village of Netra. Elizabeth’s last visit here was in 1962 with her mother. She carries a photo of her mother in front of the house where her grandmother was born. We found that house, and now Elizabeth has a photo of her taken in the same spot where her mother posed 46 years ago. To the church in Netra next, where we marveled at the figures on the front altar carved in about 1500.

St. Johannes carved in 1500

Elizabeth had not noticed the small castle on the outskirts of Netra when they were here in 1962, but she has photos of it now, thanks to her combination tour guide and photographer.


The old castle, looking like it needs some
tender loving care

We wrapped up the day with a visit to Creuzburg, where we admired the stone bridge over the Werra River, built in 1233 and still standing strong. A nearby chapel is under renovation. It was built in 1499. A day full of adventure and with more to come!

Stone bridge over the Werra, built in 1233

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