Next Tour Starts May 24

I’m getting ready for the arrival of tour number three for this season. Rudy and Shirley Rice, Devon Kruger and Phyllis Goble will be arriving in Frankfurt on the 24th to start their Grand Adventure. We’re going to start in Miltenberg am Main (shown above) with two nights at the venerable ‘Riesen’ hotel. This hotel […]

Scouting for a private tour in Franconia

My wife Jenean and I love to go scouting for tours. What is scouting? It’s the tour before the tour. I have to become the expert in a very short time on a village or town that my clients have hired me to show them. In this case, it’s a part of Franconia just to […]


Mark Twain wrote in his novel ‘A Tramp Abroad’ about Heidelberg Castle: ‘Misfortune has done for this old tower what it has done for the human character sometimes – improved it.’ Here our guest Ruth Ertel takes in one of the most beautiful ruins in Germany. For more information about Mark Twain’s stay in Heidelberg […]

Nightwatchman postcards

Coming soon, a new set of sepia-toned postcards featuring my best friend, Hans Georg Baumgartner, aka the ‘Night Watchman of Rothenburg ob der Tauber.’ Georg and I have been working on these the last couple of days and they are just about to go into production. We will have several scenes available. Shown here is […]

Plan now for Christmas Market Tour

It’s time to reserve your spot on our 2nd Christmas Markets Tour in Germany and the Alsace. Why book now? Because hotels are already taking reservations (and have been for months) and we want to be sure to get our guests into the best possible rooms in the towns and cities where we will stay. […]

Česk?? Krumlov

This was our stop after leaving Budapest. It was a long journey, broken up by a leisurely lunch in Melk, Austria. I took a small, curving road following a stream the last 20 kilometers into Czeske Krumlov and it was a gorgeous drive, reminding me of the Black Forest of Germany. Our first view of […]

Melk, Austria

We left Budapest on a clear, warm morning. Getting out of the city on a Sunday early morning was a snap. We took the expressway into Austria and since it was nearing lunchtime, I suggested a stop in the little town of Melk. This was met with enthusiastic approval. The group I was escorting had […]


I’ve driven past Budapest once in the 1990s but never had the opportunity to explore the city before this year when I had the chance to pick up clients there following their river cruise. What an amazing city. European Focus Private Tours is going to add Budapest (actually two cities, Buda and Pest) to our […]