Coming soon, ceramics from Portugal

We found a source for glazed pottery from the Alentejo region of Portugal, and a shipment is on the way to our shop in Sarasota. It took quite a bit of work with the shop owner to figure out a way to get the pottery from their shop to ours, but we worked it out […]

First Visit to the Algarve and Portugal

Jenean and I just returned from our first adventure in Portugal. What a country! We can’t wait to return. Discovering a new place and planning for future tours was our first priority. A nice bonus was the ability to make purchases for our European gifts shop in Sarasota, Florida. And a third bonus to going […]

The View is Great, Just Don't Eat There

Rothenburg’s Market Square, full of tempting and bad restaurants You’ve just arrived in the heart of some fantastic European town or city. You want to be in the middle of it all and that’s understandable. Some of my most memorable meals have been near the Coliseum in Rome, San Marco in Venice, Piccadilly. Memorable because […]

Great Travel Opportunity for August

We’re excited to offer a fantastic deal to anyone (or family or group) who would like to tour in Germany in the month of August. An unusual opening in our calendar allows up to five people to enjoy a trip for a reduction of up to 30% off our normal fee. If interested, please get […]


Our final day of this tour was spent lazily crossing the Vierwaldst?§ttersee (otherwise known as Lake Lucerne) via boat from Weggis over to Lucerne. A shot of our guest Dan Helpbringer and Jenean is above. It was a bright, sparkling day and practically cloudless. We crossed over and spent an hour wandering the nearly empty […]

Lauterbrunnen Valley

We took our group to the beautiful Lauterbrunnen Valley near Interlaken on Saturday the 23rd. We were heading for the heights on this day. The clouds were hanging at about 8,000 feet but we went up anyway, all the way up to the rotating restaurant at about 10,000 feet. Clouds obscured the view for most […]