Scouting for a private tour in Franconia


My wife Jenean and I love to go scouting for tours. What is scouting? It’s the tour before the tour. I have to become the expert in a very short time on a village or town that my clients have hired me to show them. In this case, it’s a part of Franconia just to the east of where I live and work from spring through fall.

I spent most of May 21 exploring several small villages and on medium – sized town all near the large cities of N?ºrnberg and Ansbach. This was in preparation for a tour will Kay and Bill Ruckle, who will celebrate a special anniversary as well as a special birthday with their trip of October 17 to 31.

We’ll be visiting numerous towns where Kay’s ancestors lived before emigrating to America in the 1800s. Many went to Frankenmuth, Michigan. Mention Frankenmuth in Markt Rosstal, Franconia and the Burgermeister says ‘but of course, Frankenmuth! We have groups from there in my office several times per year.’ Bill and Kay will meet the Burgermeister in a more private setting this fall.

One of the impressive things about Markt Rosstal is the amazing church, which has a crypt dating back to about the year 1000. A photo of the crypt is above.

I also visited and learned about De?ümannsdorf, Louism?ºhle, Weissenbronn and Grosshaslach. It hit me as I entered the little church of Weissenbronn that I had photographed this church and village for a genealogist way, way back in 1994. That was my first year of being in business without the support structure of the U.S. military. The church has not changed, not in 13 years, not in 200!

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