Half a Life Spent in Hotels

Hotel Hackteufel is down there, somewhere
A big number just occurred to me while brushing my teeth here in the Hotel Hackteufel in the center of Heidelberg, Germany. Down below, it’s an active night. People out wandering the streets, enjoying the mild evening. I should be out there with them, drinking wine, listening to live music. But, tomorrow is a work day. I have the responsibility of a client who has paid well to have my full and undivided (and sober) attention.

But still. Here comes that big number. I’ve lived more than half of my life these last two decades in beds that I share with others. Whoa! before you get too excited, I’m talking about hotels. I’ve slept approximately 1,800 of the last 3,650 nights in hotels. And the Hackteufel is one of my top 100 favorites. This is my 7th or 8th stay. It’s familiar and homey. Heidelberg has special significance, being the first place I ever had a German “Weizen” beer, the first place I heard a European accordion player, (and he’s still playing!) the first place I ever had a schnitzel. (All of that on the same day, about a day after I’d arrived in Germany 20 years ago) The fact that I really like the Hotel Hackteufel is saying a lot, considering that I stay in hotels from Norway to Sicily and from France to Poland and everything in-between.

It’s a lonely life, sometimes. A wireless internet connection in my room keeps me connected with the world and keeps me company.
Thanks for listening. Good night.

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