How to Improve the Leaning Tower of Pisa

<strong>Wanna buy a Rolex</strong>?” title=”wannabuyarolexsmall” width=”400″ height=”268″ class=”size-medium wp-image-531″ /><p id=The man in the t-shirt is responsible for keeping these bozos in business. Hey, wanna buy a Rolex?

No, don’t straighten it! Instead, clear out all of the crap surrounding it on the south side of the Field of Miracles. This nonsense can be sold outside of the gate or better yet, far, far away in a field near the road. The hectoring of the Africans offering a beautiful “Rolex” for (Oh take your pick, 500 Euro if you’re stupid, 10 Euro if you’re smart and don’t mind a watch which lasts about 7 days) and the multitudes of plastic copies of the Leaning Tower, the crappy t-shirts, the awful plastic rubbish, it just doesn’t fit the serene setting. Wait a minute. The reason all of these souvenir stands persist year after year is someone is buying this garbage! Hey, someone – stop!
(But please, not before I get back there and buy a couple watches as Christmas presents)

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