Thanks Art and Carol!

The first trip of the 2009 season is now history, and what a trip it was! From Rome to Orvieto and explorations of Umbria, to Tuscany and Liguria and back to Tuscany. We covered more than 2,000 kilometers together, and very little of that was on straight roads! This was Art and Carol’s second trip with European Focus. Plans for trip three are now underway. Great guests, great memories and now I’m more convinced than ever that I just might have the best job in the world. (Shh! Don’t tell anyone!)

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  1. Thanks Jim!
    Traveling with Jim is a great experience as we all seem to enjoy the same things, plus he is a wonderful source of information on everything we get to see, be it German, Italian etc.
    We love the flexibilty of the trip with very little being carved in stone. Many of our visits were to sights not contemplated when planning the trip, which added a bit of adventure to the day. When hungry, just follow Jim to a little ” hole in the wall” and you will not be disappointed.All in all, a very nice way to travel.

  2. Thanks Art and Carol, for the nice comments!
    I’m suffering terrible withdrawls from Italy and it’s only been a few days since leaving that magnificent country. Today, just to feel better, I had a few biscotti dipped into my red wine purchased at a grocery store in the Brenner Pass just before the border with Austria. You know what, it’s a pretty good combination!

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