Who’s got the oldest bratwurst kitchen in the world? Regensburg of course!

St. Lorenz in Nurnberg. Not easy to find, not even the locals seem to know where it is.

There was a fierce battle in the German courts recently over who would be able to use the title “Oldest Sausage Kitchen in the World.” It was between Nurnberg and Regensburg, which both have long traditions of serving their unique bratwurst to the public. Finally the judge came up with a brilliant solution. Nurnberg’s St. Lorenz (established in 1419) would be called “The Oldest Sausage Kitchen in the World” while competitor Regensburg’s Wurstkuche (since 1135 but serving brats since about 1146) reigns as “The Oldest Bratwurst Kitchen in the World.”

We tried them both. Overall favorite prize from our informal contest went to Regensburg for flavor and originality.

Susan and George Then at the Wurstkueche alongside the Donau River in Regensburg

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