Driving on the Left? No Problem.

The stories my guests and I hear while touring around Ireland or England are all the same. Americans, unprepared and inexperienced with “driving on the left” telling their stories of pure terror. Recently, five adults in their 60s admitted they had given up trying to do it on their own and hired a driver to take them around the Ring of Kerry. First of all, they were very lucky to even get a driver with a large van at such short notice. Second, imagine their stress just leaving the very busy Dublin Airport and area!

European Focus and owner James Derheim takes away the stress and leaves the fun part for you to enjoy. With experience back to 1987 when he was stationed with the US Navy in Japan, James handles driving on the left with ease and tens of thousands of accident-free experience behind him.

So sit back, relax, enjoy the gorgeous scenery of Ireland or Great Britain. Let James handle the roundabouts and the tight curves.

“All roads in Ireland are one way until you meet another car.” That’s what the Irish say. It’s true, especially in the scenic back country and along the coast. There are wide spots where courtesy applies, and once in a while, a bit of backing up is needed. No problem.

The Connor Pass on the Dingle Peninsula is famous for views and terrible, narrow curves and sheer drop-offs, with a rugged cliff hanging over on the other side. Not for the faint-hearted or novice! With more than three and a half decades of experience, it’s just another drive for James.

John and Kathy enjoy the view of Minard Castle on their third tour with European Focus. This scenic site, like so many others in Ireland, is only reachable by single car width back country road.

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