Germany Undiscovered

This idea presented as one way to experience Germany and a bit of Austria. We custom design most trips for our clients. This trip can be molded to fit your individual tastes and interests. Enjoy this tour of some of Germany’s known and unknown places. The ‘unknown’ places are familiar to us, because we have […]

Having Fun in Bavaria

September 24 Nothings as beautiful as Bavaria when the sun is shining and the sky is a deep hue of azure. We are lucky to have this kind of weather as we enjoy five days in the Alps of Germany and Austria during the first half our September 20 – October 4 tour with two […]

The Bratwurst Kitchen in Regensburg

May 9 Recent lunch with clients at the Bratwurst Kitchen built to feed the workers who were constructing the nearby stone bridge over the Donau. The kitchen has been in existence for more than 600 years. And the brats and kraut are still as good today as they were then.

Micro Group Tour Offer for Germany and Prague

Using inspiration from a recent tour plus some reliable favorites of our clients over the years, we are happy to present this amazing opportunity to experience some of Europe’s many delights in an intimate group of no more than six persons. Micro-Group Tour in Germany, Czech Republic and Austria 11-day trip Small Group Tour Offered […]

Regensburg Former Roman Camp, Former Bavarian Capital

March 22 A day spent in the lovely small city of Regensburg is a day well spent. There is so much to see and do in this town on the banks of the Donau River (later, the Danube as it flows into eastern Europe) that it’s almost unfair to try and do it all in […]

Regensburg Cathedral and the Judensau

Some who visit Germany for the first time assume that the persecution of the Jews in Europe began with Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. Not so. The Jews have been chased out of Europe, murdered and punished with huge taxation rates for more than 1,000 years in Europe. In Regensburg there is a visible […]

Who’s got the oldest bratwurst kitchen in the world? Regensburg of course!

There was a fierce battle in the German courts recently over who would be able to use the title “Oldest Sausage Kitchen in the World.” It was between Nurnberg and Regensburg, which both have long traditions of serving their unique bratwurst to the public. Finally the judge came up with a brilliant solution. Nurnberg’s St. […]

The old sausage kitchen in Regensburg

We had the best little sausages in Germany at the old sausage kitchen on the bank of the Donau River in Regensburg recently. On a perfect day, we sat down outside and had fresh-brewed beer along with the sausages and kraut. We learned that the kraut at the old kitchen is made using cabbage from […]