Lauterbrunnen Valley


We took our group to the beautiful Lauterbrunnen Valley near Interlaken on Saturday the 23rd. We were heading for the heights on this day. The clouds were hanging at about 8,000 feet but we went up anyway, all the way up to the rotating restaurant at about 10,000 feet. Clouds obscured the view for most of our stay but there were a few thrilling moments when we could get glimpses of the surrounding Alps. Back on Terra Firma we decided to divert for a short visit to the Trummelbach waterfalls. These powerful falls are the result of thousands of years of water melting from the Jungrfrau, M??nch and Eiger glaciers. The thundering waterfalls, 20,000 liters per minute, have created weird shapes and tunnels that are illuminated in spots.

While we were riding the cablecar up to the restaurant, our guest Kathleen Novasic and Jenean took the opportunity for a partner ride with a local paragliding expert. What a thrill for the ladies!

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