The old sausage kitchen in Regensburg

The sausage kitchen

The sausage kitchen

We had the best little sausages in Germany at the old sausage kitchen on the bank of the Donau River in Regensburg recently. On a perfect day, we sat down outside and had fresh-brewed beer along with the sausages and kraut. We learned that the kraut at the old kitchen is made using cabbage from a local farmer. He supplies the Bratwurstkuche with an astounding 60 tons per year! The Bratwurstkuche was built to feed the workers who were building the stone bridge nearby back in the 1300s.

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  1. The old sausage kitchen was built in 1135 and was also the office for the bridge builders. It fed the workers for the bridge and the cathedral and the dockers, sailors, and passers by throughout the centuries to this day.

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