Updated Policy Regarding Payments for Your Tour

NEW bookings moving forward will be made with the following payment terms: A. Deposit of 300 Euro per person at the time of contract signing and date assignment which you can do on your credit card. (New lower amount and the convenience of using your Visa or MasterCard) B. Trip insurance booked within 15 days […]

Cancellations Policy

A tour is considered booked on the day your signed contract and liability waiver arrives in our office or is completed via “DocuSign.”Trip cancellation and interruption insurance is mandatory, to protect you and your investment in case the worst happens. While a trip can be cancelled, it cannot be rescheduled. This is because once we […]

Traveling in the Age of Coronavirus

Take extra supplies of your medications with you. Take a supply of cold medicine and a thermometer. You might want to take work materials with you that you need after your return in case you end up stuck somewhere. Make sure you have health insurance documentation in case you end up sick.

Coronavirus and Travel – and you

For up to date information please visit the official website of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/summary.html The way I look at it, this will go global and it will be in every country. By spring, a person is just as likely to be exposed in their local supermarket in Tulsa, OK as they […]

2024 final year for new clients to join our family of travelers

Have you always imagined yourself enjoying Europe on a private, professionally-arranged and guided tour? Well, get out your calendar and choose your dates because you only have four more seasons to enjoy what thousands have enjoyed before you – the perfection and ease of a European Focus Private Tour. The 2024 season will be the […]