Cancellations Policy

A tour is considered booked on the day your signed contract and liability waiver arrives in our office or is completed via “DocuSign.”Trip cancellation and interruption insurance is mandatory, to protect you and your investment in case the worst happens. While a trip can be cancelled, it cannot be rescheduled. This is because once we all sign a contract, those dates are blocked and unavailable to others. If you cancel, those dates are likely not able to be booked again by someone else at short notice. This is why you have trip cancellation insurance. Also, “fear of travel” is not a covered reason for cancelling a trip. Trip insurance will not cover you if you change you mind due to world events such as a terrorist attack or a rapidly spreading virus. You will still have to pay European Focus for your trip, according to the contract terms, even if you cancel because of fear. A cancellation will require immediate payment of the balance due.

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