Updated Policy Regarding Payments for Your Tour

NEW bookings moving forward will be made with the following payment terms:

A. Deposit of 300 Euro per person at the time of contract signing and date assignment which you can do on your credit card. (New lower amount and the convenience of using your Visa or MasterCard)

B. Trip insurance booked within 15 days of your deposit, either through European Focus or an agency of your choice. Trip insurance protects your investment in case something happens to you. If something catastrophic happens to me, then this falls under the category of “Agency or Provider Default” and you are covered 100 percent.

C. One half of the balance due within 30 days of contract signing by check or wire transfer.

D. Remainder of your balance is due 90 days before your trip starts.

For all tours booked within 90 days of trip start, full payment is due within 15 days of contract signing.

My calendar of bookings and availability can be seen here:


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