Travel Tips, Packing Recommendations, Rules of the Road

TRAVEL TIPS TOP EIGHT European Focus, Inc. European Focus Private Tours Established in 1989 Do NOT hit print unless you want to burn up around 36 pages of paper – smile. Taking 35 minutes of time to read through these tips, gathered over a period of decades, will actually save you money, really! The section […]

Memories from the Final Trip of 2008

The view from the Kloster Cafe in Beilstein, Mosel River Valley The Fox family came over for a tour including ancestral villages Hatten and Rittershofen in the Alsace, plus Allendorf and Niederlistingen in the state of Hessen, Germany. We also did some sightseeing “just for fun,” with stops in Bacharach on the Rhein, Rothenburg ob […]

Connecting with Cousins in Enzweihingen

Betsy Cooke, second from right, along with her husband Jim, second from left with relatives in Enzweihingen, Germany during their private tour in October Betsy Cooke had the opportunity to connect with relatives in the small town of Enzweihingen, near Stuttgart, Germany this past October when she visited with her husband, Jim. A family reunion […]

Prosit from Koeln

In the city of Koeln, you “Prosit” with glasses of beer that look more like fat test tubes than beer glasses. Here’s our latest group of adventurers in the Malzmuehle Gasthaus enjoying Koelsch and about to dig into plates of hearty German hunter’s schnitzels. John Stephens, Caroline Dooling, James Derheim (Guide) and Fran White “Prosit, […]

Germany's Oktoberfest

Roll out the barrel, it’s time to party! Germany’s biggest party, the Oktoberfest, began this weekend in the Bavarian capital of Munich. What a party! And, it’s just getting started. European Focus’ latest guests arrived this morning and within a couple of hours, one of the party was standing on Maximillianstrasse watching the huge and […]

Berchtesgaden – "The World Stops Here"

My current guest said this at breakfast this morning and I thought it was a statement that really sums up how all of our clients feel when they stay a few nights at the Zechmeisterlehen Hotel in beautiful Berchtesgadener Land. The photo shows Elizabeth Koenig from Minneapolis taking in the view from the private balcony […]