Bavarian – American Day in Amberg, Germany

Music for Bavarian-American Day in Amberg

We were lucky to combine our visit to George Then’s father’s birthplace with the annual “Bavarian-American Day” held each year to celebrate the friendship between this town in the Oberpfaelzische Wald with the American soldiers who were stationed here from 1945 to 1993. The market square was a hub of activity.

Flowers on sale at the Saturday market

Bratwurst Master

Locals up near the pilgrimage church of Mariahilf were enjoying tall mugs of local beer and brats. There were at least eight different wagons offering brats. The guy selling pizza by the slice was lonely. The sun shone brightly as we wandered about, trying just one brat (we’d just had a big breakfast at the hotel, after all) before descending to the town for a wander around town, taking pictures and enjoying the scene before moving on to Nurnberg.

Showing her colors on the market square on June 25

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