The Smallest Hotel in the World

What do you do when you’re desperately in love and want to get married but the law won’t let you? Well, if you’re a creative man in Amberg, Germany you skirt the law by building a house in a tiny space, thereby becoming a legal homeowner afterwhich you can finally go to the town hall […]

An unforgettable visit to Amberg, Germany

George Then’s father was born in Amberg, in the Oberpfaelzerwald of Bavaria, Germany. He met his future wife in Nuernberg, where they married. They had a son, and emigrated to America to begin new lives in 1927. George Then was born in America. He’d wanted to come to Germany for many years to see where […]

Amberg’s Magnificent St. Georg Church

The magnificent rococo church of St. Georg is one of the oldest churches in Bavarian Amberg, Germany. It was built as a Gothic church in 1359. Later, it was taken over by the Jesuits and then in the 18th century, redecorated in the rococo style with the bright colors and stucco work of Johann Baptist […]

Bavarian – American Day in Amberg, Germany

We were lucky to combine our visit to George Then’s father’s birthplace with the annual “Bavarian-American Day” held each year to celebrate the friendship between this town in the Oberpfaelzische Wald with the American soldiers who were stationed here from 1945 to 1993. The market square was a hub of activity. Locals up near the […]