Return to Hoechst im Odenwald – 59 years later

One of the many highlights of this current journey with Bob and Betty Whittemore was our visit to the small town of Hoechst im Odenwald on Sunday, October 4. Bob spent four weeks in Hoechst in August, 1950 as a young volunteer with the World Council of Churches. Back then, he was 22 years old […]

From the Hotel Baeren in Meersburg

Guests Bob and Betty wave to the passersby below their room at the Hotel Baeren in Meersburg, on the Bodensee in southern Germany. The Baeren was built in 1605 on foundations dating back to the 1250s. Room 23 is the best, and of course, that’s where Bob and Betty spent two nights in late September.

Kudos to the Schmales Haus in Ulm, Germany

We stayed at the Schmales Haus (Small House) in the Fischerviertel (Fishermen’s Quarter) of Ulm, Germany the other night. It was the second time at this tiny B&B in Ulm’s most picturesque, enjoyable quarter. Host Michael Heide gave up his job selling insurance more than a decade ago to take care of his young children. […]

Thank you Rokicki Family!

Three-time travelers Bob and Marlene Rokicki are home now after their 16-day trip around Germany. It was a huge adventure and included a surprise daytrip to Prague. Son Bruce and his wife Melissa came along for this special 50th anniversary trip. Here’s a shot from the last night’s festivities in Landshut, where Jim (on the […]

Ramsau near Berchtesgaden

A popular postcard sold throughout the Berchtesgaden region shows the little church of Ramsau. We stopped on the way out of this area after a three-night stay to recreate the photo. Guest Bob Rokicki is in the foreground.

The old sausage kitchen in Regensburg

We had the best little sausages in Germany at the old sausage kitchen on the bank of the Donau River in Regensburg recently. On a perfect day, we sat down outside and had fresh-brewed beer along with the sausages and kraut. We learned that the kraut at the old kitchen is made using cabbage from […]

Today in Berchtesgaden

A postcard day in southeastern Germany with temps in the middle 70s, they call it “alt Weiber Sommer,” or old woman’s summer here, the last chance to soak in the sun before winter clamps down. We enjoyed a trip up to the Kehlstein Haus, otherwise known as the Eagle’s Nest. Photo is from the drive […]

Weisswurst in Dresden

We stopped in Dresden recently to take in the sights, including the rebuilt Frauenkirche. While there, we came across the Augustiner Brewery restaurant in the shadow of that magnificent church. It was just before noon, and so the right time for a “Weisswurst,” which is a Bavarian sausage made of veal and boiled, served with […]