Another Season Begins – Year 21

I first landed in Frankfurt, Germany in July, 1989. Now more than two decades later, I’m making what has become these last fourteen years a regular journey over from Sarasota to Germany to start another season of private tours. A three hour long layover at JFK in NYC is not all bad, especially when you’re […]

Attention "German Life" readers

Many of the members of our family of clients found out about us through “German Life.” Members of a family from Canada, shown above, found out about us in this magazine and the whole crew of eight went to Germany and Austria with James in 2006 and then three members of that same family enjoyed […]

Two Tour Guides to Serve You

James and Jenean Derheim sometimes lead tours together, especially when it’s a large family or larger group requiring us to use two vehicles. And, sometimes they lead tours separately. Jenean’s schedule has openings for tours in the months of June, late July, August and September. Jenean is our France expert (she speaks French) and she […]

Aviation Security – time to get real and stop the smoke and mirrors

Is aviation security mostly for show?By Bruce Schneier, Special to CNN December 29, 2009 7:38 a.m. EST STORY HIGHLIGHTS Incident on Detroit-bound plane led to tightening of airport security Bruce Schneier says politicians react to incidents by imposing “security theater” Trying to predict what terrorists will do next is futile, Schneier says He says it’s […]

European Focus "Village" featured on the web

Check out to see photos and learn about our retail operation in Sarasota, Florida.

Plan now for your trip of a lifetime

Premium slots are going fast – with May, June and the second half of September, 2010 already taken by other adventurers. If you’re still on the sidelines in late January, you might be “out of luck” to travel in style with European Focus in 2010. We’re seeing a great deal of pent-up demand following the […]

Oberammergau Passion Play in 2010 – the Suffering of Christ at a Steep Price

Recently I was working with two couples who desired to see the world-famous performance in Oberammergau, Germany of Christ’s Passion. The trip I proposed to them would take place in late July and early August. Held just every 10 years (which gives the spring, summer and fall all-day performances a sense of urgency for those […]

The Rhein Valley of Germany in October

The vines are starting to turn red and yellow along the beautiful section of the Rhein between Bingen and St. Goar. We stopped to take in the views as we left Bacharach on our way to Heidelberg on October 4.