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Oktoberfest is not just in Munich!

Oktoberfest is not just in Munich!

Three-time travelers Bob and Marlene Rokicki are home now after their 16-day trip around Germany. It was a huge adventure and included a surprise daytrip to Prague. Son Bruce and his wife Melissa came along for this special 50th anniversary trip. Here’s a shot from the last night’s festivities in Landshut, where Jim (on the table) Melissa and Bruce met up with newlyweds Lisa and Aaron from Littleton, CO. We had a few at the Augustiner Brewery Gasthaus on the eve of Oktoberfest. See you next time guys!

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  1. This photo was taken by someone who I thought was just another customer. I even asked him to stand up on a chair to take the shot. A minute later, I asked the waitress to send over a beer to “that man with no hair over there.” “Oh, you mean the boss?” said said. I had just asked the owner of the establishment to stand up on his own chair to take the photo. It’s a good thing the Bavarians have the best sense of humor in Germany!

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