Nothing Makes an American Happier than Ice


When traveling in Europe, Americans know that getting ice cubes in your drink, whether it’s a coke or a gin and tonic is nearly impossible. The Europeans simply don’t “do” ice. I’ve witnessed our tour guests banging their heads against the bar, crying out for ice! ice! ice! This year I decided to do something about this situation. European Focus is bringing ice to Europe. Our first machine is installed in the shop Passage 12 in the heart of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It has been a huge success lately as the temperatures have begun to climb well into the 90s. Here’s a shot of some kids from Arkansas who can’t get enough of the fact that they can get unlimited ice in their drinks. And, some very happy Moms! Plans are underway for more Ice-Zeit locations in the Munich area, Heidelberg, Florence and Rome.


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