Weidenhausen Three Times as Old as America

The hamlet of Weidenhausen celebrates its first mention in an official document (1309) with summerlong events all this year. Last night’s party at the festival tent was probably attended by all 495 residents plus many who came from around Germany for class reunions and at least two Americans. It was a night full of great music from the Brixentaller music group from the Alpine region of Austria/Switzerland. We met many relatives from Marie’s Muesse and Sonneborn lines, including Heinrich Imhof (historian, at left) and Guenter Sonneborn. Herr Imhof was one of the chief organizers of the festival. We heard the next morning that the party lasted until 4 a.m.

<strong>Herr Imhof and Herr Sonneborn</strong>” title=”imhofsonneborn” width=”400″ height=”268″ class=”size-medium wp-image-616″ /><p id=Herr Imhof and Herr Sonneborn are both distant relatives of Marie

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  1. On my second trip with European Focus, the Wittgenstein cousins I met told me I MUST contact Herr Heinrich Imhof. He was related to me through my Imhofs, of course, and lived in Weidenhausen, a village I had not previously visited.
    We corresponded for three years and finally met at the 700 Year Festival. He and his collaborators worked upwards of 15 years on the new book. It is a masterpiece of research. The townsfolk had a special presentation ceremony back in April, when the book was officially distributed.
    The Festival was so much fun and everyone made us feel so welcome.
    Genealogy is at its best when you can make new friends as a result!

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