Weidenhausen 700 Birthday Celebration

It’s a remarkable experience to be a part of the birthday celebrations of a hamlet marking seven centuries of history. The townspeople of Weidenhausen, in the Siegen-Wittgenstein area of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany (all 495 of them) turned out during a lovely weekend to mark the birthday with a series of events. Marie and I were fortunate […]

Weidenhausen Three Times as Old as America

The hamlet of Weidenhausen celebrates its first mention in an official document (1309) with summerlong events all this year. Last night’s party at the festival tent was probably attended by all 495 residents plus many who came from around Germany for class reunions and at least two Americans. It was a night full of great […]

Meeting the Muesse Family

A highlight of Marie’s third trip to Germany was meeting more Muesse cousins in Weidenhausen, which is celebrating its 700th birthday all during the year. Today’s events started with a special church service followed by a visit to the home of Heinrich Muesse and his family. We met up with the Muesse family later at […]