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Steve and Debbie's renewal of vows day came on their 20th anniversary. Time to go for a ride in a 1972 Beetle through the Tuscan hills!

Steve and Debbie’s renewal of vows day came on their 20th anniversary. Time to go for a ride in a 1972 Beetle through the Tuscan hills!

January 2, 2016

Our clients have our full attention during their tour, as well as before their tour. To keep everyone on the same track, we have developed over time the following timeline, which will help you understand how our process works. This timeline helps our customers know that we are working diligently to provide them with the best information in a timely fashion.

Prepared for: Our Future Guests

1. What to expect of European Focus Private Tours
European Focus Private Tours are the original custom-designed, private tours in Europe. We were established in 1989. We work with you on creating the perfect tour for you or for you and your travel partner, family or friends. We do not mix and match strangers on any of our more than 265 tours conducted since our beginning. We will provide, according to your wish list, a trip that includes as many of your desired locations as possible, but also, places that are off-the-beaten-track and known only by us and a few other locals. This is what makes our service stand out from the new competitors or imitators who have come along in recent years.

2. Timeline
European Focus Private Tours trip development proceeds as follows:

Stage 1: Itinerary approval (process should take no longer than 10 days from the submission of our First Draft through up to two revisions. As long as we meet your expectations and established needs and your budget, we expect in return that you engage our services. If you are working with a competing agency or agencies please tell us in advance as this may determine the level of our commitment to you.

Stage 2: Following the acceptance of the Trip Plan, price and payment schedule, we will then submit to you our standard liability waiver and contract. That contract should be reviewed, signed and returned within five days with your deposit. To expedite the process we will be happy to send you a sample contract for review.

Stage 3: Locking in hotels, rental vehicles (if applicable), and other reservations or appointments as specified in final itinerary. We usually have this done within one week of the return of your contract and deposit.

Stage 4: Provide client with hotel lists as well as provide client with Trip Recommendations via e-mail (upon confirmation of lodging) or within about one week of your contract return and deposit.

Stage 5: Provide client with a hard-copy, bound itinerary and Trip Recommendations (At the most 30 days from trip start date)

3. Specific Inclusions in the Cost of Your Trip
Description of all which is included in the cost of your trip: Hotels including breakfast and lunches while we are traveling or sight seeing together, transportation on the ground, fuel, tolls, parking fees, tips to local guides, entry fees for the attractions listed on the itinerary, fee for your guide and driver.

4. Specific Exclusions from the Cost of Your Trip
Describes all expenditures that European Focus will not cover: Dinners, your airfare to Europe and return, between meal snacks

5. Additional Fees
Some hotels provide incentives to pay in advance, resulting in significant savings to you. If this is the case you will be notified in advance (prior to contract signing) so that your deposit can be increased accordingly. You are not obligated to increase your deposit beyond what is set out in the contract, however, allowing for payment of hotels in advance can be a significant savings. We will let you know.

Require Client Action
• Provide clear and timely communication about trip objectives and interests (more input ensures a more satisfactory outcome)
• Sign contract and return to European Focus, Inc. with deposit
• Be available for timely communications in order to keep the trip planning on track. E-mail is preferred, phone calls are also acceptable.
• Read Trip Recommendations thoroughly and acknowledge that you have read and understand them.
• Purchase trip cancellation insurance. European Focus can provide a quotation for “Travel Guard.”
6. Fee Summary

Tour Cost
Due as outlined in contract

Amount(s) Due
Deposit and Contract
(to lock in dates)
By 10 days after today 2000 Euros per person or at least 20 percent of your total tour price

Installment payment
90 days prior to trip start date
1/3 of balance

Final Payment
15 days prior to trip start date

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