The Dome of the Reichstag in Berlin

The Berliners nickname for the dome is "The Giant Blender" which seems to be perfect once you're inside

April 23

A visit to the glass and steel dome of the Reichstag in Berlin used to be something I would never contemplate. The lines were always huge, no matter what time of the day. However now, due to tightened security and the requirement that all visitors register in advance for security clearance, a visit is a snap.

The new rules took effect last year and make the visit a memorable experience, instead of a hassle. A fast elevator whisks the visitors to the start of the ramp that ascends the dome’s outer skin. You’re safe and dry inside the dome, no matter what the weather conditions outside. A 360 degree view is complimented by 360 mirrors within the dome, reflecting the visitors in a way that accents the fact that democracy takes the participation of many, and is a reflection of their wishes. The easy ascent can be handled by anyone, even people in wheelchairs. Once at the top, the visitor is treated to a splendid view of Berlin.

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