Nothing Makes an American Happier than Ice

When traveling in Europe, Americans know that getting ice cubes in your drink, whether it’s a coke or a gin and tonic is nearly impossible. The Europeans simply don’t “do” ice. I’ve witnessed our tour guests banging their heads against the bar, crying out for ice! ice! ice! This year I decided to do something […]

A Conversation with Rick Steves

James Derheim at left, Rick Steves at right. (Photo by Rick Steves) Rick Steves was in Rothenburg the last couple of nights, updating his popular guide book and basically causing a miniature earthquake everywhere he went among tourists who know his TV show and books. Rick is a Super Celebrity among the traveling masses. His […]

Beaches Galore in Portugal

Although the Atlantic Ocean is not exactly our kind of water (brrrr! We’re used to the balmy conditions of the Gulf of Mexico) the sand quality and the beauty of the rock formations more than make up for the fact that the water is a bit on the chilly side. Here’s the beach at Sao […]

The Romans were here, too

The 3rd century Temple of Diana in the interesting city of Evora, the Alentejo, Portugal. This small city also boasts a beautiful 16th century acquaduct and a chapel built entirely of bones. One of our favorite hotels is also located right next to the temple. The Pousada (as state-run hotels located in historic landmarks are […]

Coming soon, ceramics from Portugal

We found a source for glazed pottery from the Alentejo region of Portugal, and a shipment is on the way to our shop in Sarasota. It took quite a bit of work with the shop owner to figure out a way to get the pottery from their shop to ours, but we worked it out […]

First Visit to the Algarve and Portugal

Jenean and I just returned from our first adventure in Portugal. What a country! We can’t wait to return. Discovering a new place and planning for future tours was our first priority. A nice bonus was the ability to make purchases for our European gifts shop in Sarasota, Florida. And a third bonus to going […]

The View is Great, Just Don't Eat There

Rothenburg’s Market Square, full of tempting and bad restaurants You’ve just arrived in the heart of some fantastic European town or city. You want to be in the middle of it all and that’s understandable. Some of my most memorable meals have been near the Coliseum in Rome, San Marco in Venice, Piccadilly. Memorable because […]