Oldest Bratwurst Kitchen in Germany

Grilling fresh brats over a wood fire

We stopped in the medieval bratwurst kitchen near the massive town walls of Nurnberg for lunch the other day, another highlight among many as Greg and I make a lazy romp through Germany. The brats at the “Zum Guldenen Stern” have been roasted over a wood fire for their hungry guests since 1419. This places this kitchen as among the oldest in Germany, if not the western world. (I don’t think they were roasting brats in North America at this time so we can count them out) There was a battle some years ago between this kitchen and the Bratwurstkuche in Regensburg. the old sausage kitchen there has been pumping out smoky sausages since the 1300s.

Two-time European Private Tours guest Greg enjoys his plate of brats

Are you salivating yet?

The judge at the high court in Karlsruhe solved the problem by awarding the nomiker “Oldest Bratwurst Kitchen” to the Zum Guldenen Stern, and “Oldest Sausage Kitchen” to the Bratwurstkuche in Regensburg. A tiny change, but both owners were happy. We don’t discriminate, taking our clients to both on a regular basis.

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