A New Englander’s View Of German Food

May 18 By Margaret Weiler Currently on tour with European Focus founder James Derheim in the Schwaebische Alb region of Germany One of the pleasures of revisiting Germany is reconnecting with German food.  In the United States good German food is hard to find, at least where we live in New England, and it is […]

Oldest Bratwurst Kitchen in Germany

We stopped in the medieval bratwurst kitchen near the massive town walls of Nurnberg for lunch the other day, another highlight among many as Greg and I make a lazy romp through Germany. The brats at the “Zum Guldenen Stern” have been roasted over a wood fire for their hungry guests since 1419. This places […]

Erfurt is Germany's Hidden Jewel

Americans don’t visit Erfurt but they should. The city is more than 1250 years old and is jammed with fantastic buildings remaining from the period of building from the late 1400s to the early 1600s, at the height of the German Renaissance. One of those buildings, the 16the century “Breiten Herd” was severely damaged by […]