Keukenhof Gardens Gorgeous in April

Dick and Darlene Muth and their
granddaughter Haley on their first day in the Netherlands

Our first adventure of the 2011 season kicked off with the arrival of Dick, Darlene and Haley Muth on the morning of the 15th at Schiphol Airport. By 10 a.m. on the day of their arrival we were casually wandering through the extensive gardens at Keukenhof, near Lisse, Holland. This massive operation provides millions of tulip bulbs to the world market and draws millions of tourists per season. Those allergic to color should not visit Keukenhof, because the reds, purples, yellows and other colors are enough to make your head swim. Today we rented bicycles for a jaunt out into the flat fields surrounding Keukenhof, enjoying the scenery as the Dutch do. Why are there no fat people in the Netherlands? Because they all ride bikes. Hum. America, could this be the way out of a 50% obesity rate?

Brilliant colors stretch to the horizon

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