Genealogy is impossible without people like this

Where would genealogists be without people who can read the old German script like Erich Scherer? We met Herr Scherer today in the church office of Arzberg, in the Bavarian Forest near the border with the Czech Republic. His name had been given to guide James Derheim by a contact developed by Paula Leitzell, current […]

Your Family Can Enjoy These Kinds of Experiences

Only on a private tour organized and led by European Focus do you receive personal attention, a well-planned itinerary based on your wishes and unforgettable moments, such as what you’re reading about here on our travel log. To get started on your own personal road of discovery in Europe, contact us today. It is never […]

Weser Renaissance architecture in Hameln

The town of Hameln in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) is a jewel of so-called “Weser Renaissance” architecture. The city’s streets are lined with fantastic half-timbered and stone houses, most dating from the late 1400s and early 1500s. Some photographs showing these treasures can be appreciated here. We stopped for a night on July 31 on our […]

Runkel Castle on the Lahn River

We stopped to visit Runkel Castle on the 31st of July on our way between the Rhein Valley and Hameln. This fascinating castle is one of our favorites in Germany, because it is relatively unknown and fun for all ages to explore. A historical timeline follows, with thanks to the official town web site. (Not […]

Welcome to Munich

Dennis Cain and his daughter Morgan at the Hofbrauhaus in central Munich. Jim welcomed the Cain family as they arrived in Stuttgart via the ICE from Paris, where they’d spent the last three nights touring with Jenean Derheim. Previous to that, they were four nights in London. Jim’s taking the family on a trip to […]

Best Fish & Chips in London – Twice

We loved Masters Superfish so much that we ate lunch there twice. The fish is superior and fresh. While the place has zero curb appeal and is plain inside, the obvious investment is in the quality of the food. It was one of Margaret’s main goals – have fish and chips in London. The driver […]

Good Morning Mr. Beefeater

T Margaret Reisinger passes a Beefeater on the grounds of the Tower of London. There are 12 such guards within the Tower. Historically, they looked after prisoners. The name “Beefeater” comes from the fact that up until about 100 years ago, they were paid part of their salary in beef. With the economy of the […]