Weidenhausen Three Times as Old as America

The hamlet of Weidenhausen celebrates its first mention in an official document (1309) with summerlong events all this year. Last night’s party at the festival tent was probably attended by all 495 residents plus many who came from around Germany for class reunions and at least two Americans. It was a night full of great […]

Meeting the Muesse Family

A highlight of Marie’s third trip to Germany was meeting more Muesse cousins in Weidenhausen, which is celebrating its 700th birthday all during the year. Today’s events started with a special church service followed by a visit to the home of Heinrich Muesse and his family. We met up with the Muesse family later at […]

Hotel Raumland a Great Home Away from Home

We’ve stayed two wonderful nights at the peaceful Hotel Raumland just outside of Bad Berleburg, in the Siegen-Wittgenstein area of central Germany. The hospitality here has been fantastic. We’ve eaten all of our meals here and each has been more special than the last. Starting with fresh asparagus with a schnitzel on our day of […]


We arrived at Bad Berleburg shortly before 1 this afternoon and after a stop at the local bookstore to pick up items of historical interest related to Marie’s ancestral villages near here, we drove the few minutes out of town to the hamlet of Raumland and to the Hotel Raumland, or homebase for the next […]

Heidelberg at Night

The massive ruin of Heidelberg’s castle seems to hover over the old town, an effect that is enhanced by nightfall when the castle is illuminated.

Half a Life Spent in Hotels

A big number just occurred to me while brushing my teeth here in the Hotel Hackteufel in the center of Heidelberg, Germany. Down below, it’s an active night. People out wandering the streets, enjoying the mild evening. I should be out there with them, drinking wine, listening to live music. But, tomorrow is a work […]