Taking Photographs is Part of the Trip

People on a big bus tour rarely get to stop and smell the flowers, much less take the time for a well-composed photograph. With European Focus Private Tours philosophy of “your pace is our pace,” our guests have all the time they want to capture the moment. Our recent guest Art shoots his ancestral village […]

The Gorgeous Oetztal of Austria

May 20 We spent the day in one of the most scenic valleys of Austria, the Oetztal, near Innsbruck. The Oetztal is perhaps best known for the discovery of the “snow man,” nicknamed “Oetzi,” found frozen in a glacier high above the valley floor. Oetzi is now in a museum in Bolzano, across the border […]

Mauthausen’s Somber Shadow

March 20 There was a time when Germany was ruled not by men or women, but by monsters. The concentration camp on a hilltop near Mauthausen, Austria is testament to that fact. During Hitler’s “Thousand Year Reich,” which lasted from 1933 – 1945, millions of people were brutally murdered by a regime intent on ridding […]

Salzburg’s Many Beautiful Sights

March 16 The “Rome of the North” has 38 churches, most of them are Roman Catholic. The city also has at least 38 pretzel stands, most of them selling massive pretzels which look great but which taste kind of funny, like they’ve been sitting out in the damp air for a few days. Today when […]

Postcard from Austria

March 15 I’ve stopped and taken a picture of this farm in various seasons but today it was at its prettiest.

Schnitzel for a Schnitzel Lover in Hall, Austria

March 15 When you’re traveling with a schnitzel lover like Perry Daugherty, it had better be good. So today was a sure-fire crowd pleaser (well, at least for a crowd of one, and that’s Perry) when we stopped in medieval Hall in Tyrol near Innsbruck for our lunch. At a place which will remain a […]

Welcome First Family to Germany

March 11 Well, not that first family. This morning European Focus had the pleasure to welcome first time Germany travelers Amanda and Sara Howard and their mom, Kim Daugherty along with now three time Germany visitor Perry Daugherty to Frankfurt for the start of their 8-day jaunt around Bavaria and parts of Austria. This tour […]

Tour Opportunities for October

March 5, 2012 European Focus founder and guide James Derheim is available during the beautiful month of October, a perfect time to explore most of central and southern Europe. October is prime season and is usually booked far in advance. The days are mild and the kids are all back in school with no major […]