Building Future Adventures – Rovinj, Croatia

Peppers and garlic in the farmer's market

This is a treasure trove of photographic opportunities for any adventurer who loves to tote around a camera to record impressions. Whether from across the bay where one can capture a skyline which is reproduced on dozens of postcards, paintings and drawings sold around the town or from within the narrow confines of the medieval old town, it seems as if Rovinj was built with the artist in mind. And speaking of artists, there are no lack of them in Rovinj, selling their creations whether in mosaic tile, watercolors or oil, all with the aim of capturing the essence of Rovinj.

Keeping things tidy

As we tell our clients who visit Venice (and there are reminders everywhere that Venice was the Grandpappy of Rovinj. The Venetian lion is omnipresent) the best way to experience this town is to “get lost.” Forget about a map or trying to find something specific. Turn left, turn right, turn in a circle, and you will be surprised at every turn by another beautiful scene. We can’t wait to return when the heavy crowds have thinned out in the fall.

Getting lost reveals the quieter side of Rovinj

Fishing boats in the harbor

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