Building future adventures – Svetvincenat, Croatia

The Church of the Annunciation and the town well

Among the handful of interesting places to see around our current home base of Barban is the castle village of Svetvincenat. Built in the 10th century around a small hill with a castle, the village square is considered to be one of the prettiest in Istria. Well, perhaps it could be one day. Right now, what this village needs is about 1,000 gallons of stucco and some paint. One lone man sitting outside the empty pizzeria at 1 in the afternoon and some young people setting up chairs and sound equipment in the castle courtyard were the only signs of life in this little wayside village. Still, the lovely Church of the Annunciation is worthy of a look as is the beautiful clock face on the eastern tower of the castle.

The interesting clock face on the eastern tower of the castle

A very quiet downtown

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