Attention "German Life" readers

<strong>Tea and scones at Dualla House County Inn,  Tipperary, Ireland</strong>” title=”maireadpowerservestea” width=”400″ height=”267″ class=”size-medium wp-image-1044″ /><p id=Mother and daugher enjoy tea and scones in County Tipperary

Many of the members of our family of clients found out about us through “German Life.” Members of a family from Canada, shown above, found out about us in this magazine and the whole crew of eight went to Germany and Austria with James in 2006 and then three members of that same family enjoyed a trip to Ireland in 2009. We spoil our clients to the point where they just can’t imagine traveling in Europe without us. Contact European Focus today to find out how you can have the Trip of a Lifetime without the big bus, the hassles, the waiting and worst of all, the rush-rush-rush itinerary which leaves you exhausted and wondering, “what did I go all the way to Europe for? To forget where I was on Day 3 of my trip?” We are the antidote to the mass-produced bus tours.

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