Another Season Begins – Year 21

I first landed in Frankfurt, Germany in July, 1989. Now more than two decades later, I’m making what has become these last fourteen years a regular journey over from Sarasota to Germany to start another season of private tours. A three hour long layover at JFK in NYC is not all bad, especially when you’re invited to kill the time in the uber-komfortable Flagship Lounge run by American Airlines. This place is plush, and peaceful. In fact, the entire concourse looks good outside the locked doors of this exclusive little sanctuary and I don’t understand JFK’s bad rap. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t pay for this privilege, at least not directly. Indirectly I paid $130,000 in credit card transactions on my well-worn AAdvantage credit card in the last couple of years. I booked my roundtrip flight and traded in all of those points while on my cell phone and while walking down Las Vegas Boulevard on March 3. What a world we live in, and funny to think that someday these will be the quaint “good old days” to those who are being born today.

This 21st year of living and working in Europe will be the most documented ever, with plans in the works to produce an actual hardcover book from the “Best Of” stories which are sure to result from the tours planned now, and those which will develop over the spring and summer. Want to join the making of memories? Contact us today to book your own adventure for our open dates this summer and fall.

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