A long stay in Europe begins

Greetings from Rothenburg ob der Tauber. I arrived in Germany on a beautiful, summerlike day April 27. It had not rained a drop in Germany in all of April but it didn’t look like it from the windows of the plane as we descended. The countryside was a riot of green, puncuated by yellow fields of rapeseed plants in full bloom, and a full three weeks earlier than usual.

I took the train to Rothenburg and my best friend Georg, aka the ‘Night Watchman’ of Rothenburg picked me up. Soon I was in my own apartment overlooking the leafy Tauber Valley. Sleep overcame me and I crashed until late afternoon. That evening, dinner with the Siegmanns, more good friends who own the souvenir shop ‘Passage 12.’ We had lots to discuss. European Focus has just launched a new business in Germany. It is called ‘Ice Zeit’ and it is the first portable ice business in the land. More on that later!

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