We Love A Scenic Lunch Spot

Whenever possible we like to make lunch an event while traveling in France or anywhere else in Europe. Our little group is at the right at this pleasant restaurant on the main street of a postcard-perfect village.

When in France, eat as the French do. That means slllloooooowwwww down. Enjoy it. Have some wine. Savor the flavors. And, have more wine. (Not the driver, of course) Recently we came across one of those villages in France which has been officially recognized as one of the prettiest in the land. How do we know that? Well, besides the handy map we carry marking those villages, whenever you drive into a village, town or city which has been recognized as being better than just the average charming French village, the sign reflects this by having one, two, three or even four red flowers under the name of the town. The village of Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei has three flowers but we vote to give it the fourth as soon as possible.

The village has a couple of restaurants. We chose the one where smoked salmon is the house specialty. A nearby ancient church features gorgeous murals from 900 years ago. A view from the church over the valley and the second half of the village is breathtaking. And, to cap it all off for the photographer, a pilgrim comes through leading his donkey. Ahhh. Another day in France.

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