The Little Chapel at Ersheim, Germany

October 8 We love taking our guests to out of the way places where they can experience something truly unique. The historic church at Ersheim on the banks of the Neckar River just outside of Hirschhorn is one of those places. It had been years since we last visited this very old church, first mentioned […]

Thinking of a dream trip to Europe?

Updated on October 12 So are these people. And, they have made their reservations already for travel in 2014. Our schedule at this point is at the 75 percent level. We can take just a few more tours before we are full. Don’t wait to fulfill your dreams of easy and relaxed travel in Europe. […]

Sauerkraut ‘Orgy’ in Heidelberg, Germany

October 7 Well, why not. We were in Heidelberg, we had just walked a long distance, it was raining, it was foggy, it’s vacation for Jim and Denise. And, it’s a 30th anniversary trip through Germany, home of sauerkraut and sausage. What better way to celebrate all of the above than by digging into the […]

Watching the Barges Pass Through the Locks in Hirschhorn

October 6 One of the 27 locks on the Neckar River, which flows into the Rhein near Mannheim, is located just below the castle hotel of Hirschhorn. We stayed two nights there and from our rooms could watch barges pass through the locks below. Before we left the area, we took time to watch a […]

Welcome New Arrivals

October 4 Jim and Denise started planning their 30th-anniversary celebration trip to Europe back in February. Jim found us by doing a search on Google and now, eight months later, they are in Germany enjoying the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of Germany on Day 1 of their 19-day trip through the southern half of […]

Coming Attractions

October 3 Coming on our next private, custom-designed tour with a party of two, who will be celebrating their 30th anniversary on their European Focus Tour of October 4 to 23 to: Hirschhorn Castle and the Odenwald Forest Gleiszellen and the wine country of southwestern Germany Meersburg and Germany’s wine country on its largest freshwater […]

Wine Tasting on the Mosel River of Germany

October 3 The Day of German Unity is October 3rd and it seems as if on this gorgeous early autumn day everyone is touring around the Mosel River Valley. Including four Americans from Texas and one from Minnesota. We spent our final day of this tour visiting the medieval Burg Eltz, nestled in its protective […]

A Day in the Black Forest

September 30 from a visit on September 29 We traveled the other day from lakeside Meersburg to Hirschhorn on the Neckar River, passing on the way through the green heart of the Black Forest. We stopped for a walk along Germany’s Highest Waterfall at Triberg, had Black Forest cake (of course!) and a beer for […]