Eating at Da Carlo in Orvieto a Must

April 22

Our clients Steve and Debbie from Chicago with Carlo

Our clients Steve and Debbie from Chicago with Carlo

Those looking for an authentic dining experience should stop their search at the tucked away ‘Da Carlo’ in the heart of ancient Orvieto’s medieval district.

Young chef and entrepreneur Carlo and his ‘mama’ provide not just excellent food in a cozy atmosphere, but their back and forth banter is worth the price of admission (a small cover charge which could be considered entertainment) as they sometimes get into heated discussions about this or that. All gibberish to the ears of the foreigner who is not adept at Italian, but musical and full of the same love and attention that goes into the food.

Examples of scrumptious and imaginative choices to start with are:

La bruschetta near orvietana al pate di fegato
(Bruschette with black pate made from liver)

Il pecorino di Fossa con confettura di fichi
(Fossa cheese with fig jam)

Moving on to more substantial fare:

Gli Umbrichelli ‘alla Carlo’ baffo, finocchietto e pecorino
(Hand made pasta with pork cheek, fennel and pecorino cheese)

La Pappardelle della nonna
(Grandma’s recipe of hand made pasta with Bolognese of wild boar and beef and a healthy covering of parmesan cheese grated over)

Meat dishes include:

Il pollo ruspante
(Free range chicken in cacciatora sauce)

Lo stinkco di maialino al forno con trito di odori di campo
(A very long way of saying roasted pork knuckle with herbs)

The menu changes daily with specials and surprises. After all, the question mark is Carlo’s identification sign on the outside of the trim little restaurant with outside dining when the weather cooperates.

Find Da Carlo, and find your appetite reawakened with the luxury of excellent food prepared with love.

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