The Value of the Almighty Dollar – these might be the "Good Old Days"

The value of the dollar has a huge impact on the cost of travel and doing business in Europe. Right now, the dollar is “relatively” strong. Relative, that is, to the terrible weakness in the fall of 2008 when a Euro cost as much as $1.65

Travelers may look back on the current $1.31 to the Euro and $1.45 to the British Pound as “the Good Old Days,” compared to what experts are predicting for 2010 and beyond. As our crushing debt materializes into the many of trillions, the dollar will start to look less and less attractive to foreign investors. European Focus predicts a dollar at close to $2 to the Euro by the end of 2010.

There are two factors to consider when planning a private tour to Europe with European Focus. Health, and wealth. Will you have both of these in a few months time? Waiting will certainly erode one, or both.

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