A Walk Around Salzburg Part One

September 25 Salzburg, Austria happens to be one of the prettiest small cities on our Southern Germany and Austria itinerary. Called the ‘Rome of the North,’ Salzburg, founded by the Romans, may have lost its Forum but in its place are magnificent statues, fountains, more than one horse bath and 37 churches and one synagogue. […]

Salzburg’s Many Beautiful Sights

March 16 The “Rome of the North” has 38 churches, most of them are Roman Catholic. The city also has at least 38 pretzel stands, most of them selling massive pretzels which look great but which taste kind of funny, like they’ve been sitting out in the damp air for a few days. Today when […]

Welcome new guests George and Susan

George Then found European Focus Private Tours by reading his issue of “German Life” magazine. Not quite a year later, he arrived in Frankfurt with his wife Susan to begin a 10-day Bavarian adventure including the homes of his parents, Amberg and Nurnberg. Along the way, we’re visiting Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Schwangau, Munich, Berchtesgaden […]