Visit to Neupotz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Gini and Bill Packwood’s day in Neupotz was arranged like a military campaign by enthusiastic Burgermeister Emil Heid. He had our schedule, starting at 10, broken down into segments right down to the 15-minutes spent in the tiny local history museum currently located in the attic of the Rathaus. Of course, conversation, questions and just […]

Still Making Wicker Baskets in Neupotz

Karl Heid will turn 80 in a couple of months but he’s still busy making wicker baskets the “old-fashioned” way in the village where he was born along the Rhein River. His hometown of Neupotz has a history dating back to pre-Roman times. Surrounded by the serpentine “Old Rhein,” the village has maintained an uneasy […]