Shopping, mailing, heart attack in Spain

OK so we fall victim sometimes (but not often) to the horrible expenses and heart attacks which follow a shopping escapade in Europe. Now we have to send the items we bought back to our shop in Sarasota. In we go to a small post office in a small town outside of Barcelona. After half an hour of filling out forms and answering numerous questions, we’re presented with a bill for 87.20 Euro for our 10 kilogram package. That’s an astounding $123 for a package weighing less than 22 pounds. We’ve packed it well, in fact, we’ve packed it with a method that is surefire to prevent damage. (And a trade secret we won’t just give away) Still, it’s a heart attack to realize that the 25 small items of pottery that we’ve packaged so carefully are going to cost nearly as much to ship as they did to purchase. What’s with the postal services worldwide? What’s with UPS, Fed-Ex and the others? Does this really have to be so difficult? We hand over the notes, monopoly money after all of these years, and hope with all of our two hearts that the contents will reach Sarasota, Florida in the United States unbroken.

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